How about adidas shoes?

Adidas owns four major brands: adidas Originals series, adidas neo series, Stella McCartney series, adidas athletics series, followed by Xiaobian these four series for you to analyze.
First, adidas Originals series
When it comes to this series I believe we are not strangers, but also remembered all over the white north-south white sandals it? That’s right, Stan Smith, the equivalent of the Originals series. This series also introduced Superstar models, is our comfortable shellfish head, shellfish head is its symbolic significance of the design section. This series of spokespersons are also very big, is the front line actress Fan Bingbing. It is a high-end sports adidas series, and the traditional sports series is different from its positioning is the yeezys for sale  retro classic trend, the product is more limited edition, so the price is more expensive than the public version of some. Although it is flat shoes, but very comfortable, walking a long time, it will not be a little foot and very simple wild!
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Second, adidas neo series
Neo series spokesman is the popular flower Dandelion Reba, this series of positioning is casual and pro, the main casual section. This series of shoes have high shoes and low shoes, high shoes for autumn and winter wear, because it will make your feet warmer. Especially in the winter when wearing this high-top shoes to better protect the ankle. Although it is a high-top shoes, it does not mean that Adidas neo high-top winter boots and cheap yeezys for sale the same 56 cm shoes, but higher than the average board shoes higher. Adi low shoes are also many, and very comfortable.

Third, Stella McCartney series
adidas by Stella McCartney is the British fashion designer Stella McCartney with the famous sports brand Adidas cooperation, launched specifically for women’s sports series, giving adidas by Stella McCartney fashion brand feminine style. Spring and summer series of apparel, women’s curves to retain the most excellent tailoring and innovative technology to show the dynamic appearance of women’s vitality. This series of shoes less, on behalf of a woman adizero adios. This running shoe, focused on increasing speed, equipped with a quick response of the boost and has a strong grip Continental rubber outsole, light and flexible.
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Fourth, adidas athletics series
This collection is apparel-based and Adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie is the starting line-up for this collection, where designers incorporate three key elements into their design to help athletes stay focused by shielding noise, reducing visual disruption and ensuring comfort. It combines cutting-edge technology and high-quality fabrics, with appropriate tailoring effect, both before and after the game or leisure day, can provide people with excellent wear experience.

Adidas’s profile

First, Adidas’s profile
Adidas is a German sporting goods manufacturer. Adidas is named after its founder Adolf Ady Dassler. Adidas clothing and sports shoes are usually designed to see the three parallel bars, as can be seen in its logo, three bars are Adidas’s features. Adidas currently ranks second in sportswear market share following Nike. The ad slogan on the Adidas logo is “no excuse”.
Second, adidas and the Olympic Games
Adidas initially involved in the Olympic marketing legendary. After Addi Dassler learned about the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, he brought hand-stitched sample shoes to Amsterdam for sale. At the time, his idea was simple: as long as there were enough athletes to wear his shoes at the Olympics, the quality of the adidas shoes would make him sure of his products all over the world. The young workshop master succeeded. Under his hard work and persuasion, Adidas running shoes finally became the shoes for the Olympic Games and was rekindled with Olympic athletes. Eight years later, Adidas seized the opportunity of the Olympic Games held in Berlin to conduct a classic communication which was later loaded into the Olympic marketing history. Before the Berlin Olympics, Adi found great hope to win the famous American sprinter Jesse Owens, full advice to try on adidas spikes. This try, let owens great treasure. Finally, he stole four Olympic gold medals in adidas’ spikes to make the world astonished. Adidas is also famous on five continents. Adidas sponsored the Olympic Games for nearly 80 years and has a long history and unique complex for Olympic marketing. Olympic marketing has always been the most favorable killer Adidas 锏 “with the Olympic marketing.” Adidas quickly grew to be one of the most successful sporting goods companies in the world. Therefore, the Olympic Games and Adidas interaction, mutual influence.
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Third, Adidas success factors
Adi Wang its success has its own reasons, you can look at two aspects: First, Adi Wang at the beginning of its yeezys for sale own brand on the right position, the audience positioning and channel sink to three or four lines Market, this market is not sensitive to the brand awareness of sports, consumers pay more attention to price one, and second, the quality of the product. Adi Wang itself quality also
Is guaranteed at least, another Adidas cheaper than other domestic sports brands, Adidas king quickly occupied the market. On the other hand, Aditya’s alternative marketing has also contributed to its success, thanks to the anti-traditional consumer attitudes of the younger generation. Ady Wang spotted the opportunity to choose a very risky Internet marketing strategy. The market is not already tired of aesthetic it? Then we try ugly marketing, it directly tells the consumer, I am cottage, it is direct. It allows our consumers, especially consumers such brands, this level of price consumers have a sense of resonance. I think the reason for the success of Adi Wang is basically these two aspects.
Fourth, Adidas and Nike comparison and reference
From the adidas history, it is the first footwear company to start production outsourcing. Their production companies are located in mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Latin America. Marketing is one of Adidas two core strategies. Their supply chain now uses three different types of suppliers, including contractors, sub-contractors and local raw material companies. Their outsourcing strategy is crucial to the success of the group and is emulated by the entire field. This strategy can shift the risk, reduce labor costs and can focus on adidas core strategy marketing and research and development.
As one of Adidas’s core competencies Nike, marketing is not only advertising, it is to attract and retain customers. Marketing strategies used by Nike’s marketing team always reflect public opinions. During the majority of the ’80s and’ 90s, professional athletes were worshiped like heroes, so Nike invested heavily in making successful, charismatic athletes endorse the product.
Nike competitive advantage: In the production process, from the 1970s onwards, Nike took the manufacturing sector outsourced to many Asian countries. On the other hand, on the sales side, this “futures” order plan allows the retailer to pre-order the shipping guarantee 5 to 6 months in advance, guaranteeing that 90% of the orders will be shipped at a fixed price at a certain time. Now, Nike has three sales channels: retailers, Nike City and e-commerce. Nike City was established in the 1990s, Nike showcasing the latest or most innovative product line, advertising on the main road, Nike City is not so much a sales channel, as it is a discount yeezys marketing tool. E-commerce began in in the 1990s, and Nike also allows other Internet companies to sell their products. E-commerce strategy to Nike rekindled the direct relationship with consumers.
Adi’s leading edge: Marketing is one of Adidas’s two core strategies. In addition to marketing, research and development is another core Adidas strategy. They have created a new team of technology innovators that deliver at least one big innovation per year. In 2003, adidas established a “custom custom” system, according to customer’s different situations, personal preferences and requirements of the design of special shoes, the advantages of leading Adidas in this field in the first place.
We can see that the marketing strategy should change with the consumers’ preferences. Rapid response to changes in the market, it is the magic weapon to maintain the core competitiveness of the footwear market.
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Fifth, the existence of their own factors
Can clearly outline the reasons for Adidas bad decision introduction and the decision-making under such conditions will bring such serious consequences:
1. Internal Advantages: Due to its competitive advantages (daring to test on materials and technology), adidas defy the development of organizational environment (consumer preferences lead to the recognition of different functional shoes), and automatically give up the market Consumer demand for development (jogging shoes market).
2. Internal Disadvantages: Adidas management indulged in the original business philosophy, the lack of flexible leadership; lack of adidas organization to grasp the market, collect market information functions. Threats: Ignoring the competitive direction of competitor strategies (sandwich biscuit soles) and the competitive advantage of competitors (R & D team is strong, R & D projects are colorful, consumer-oriented 300 athletes try on, and the use of materials continues Daring Experiments and Research) Opportunity: Slight discernment of changes in the environment: The rise of a healthy movement is itself the beginning of a shift in business direction. There is also a lack of analysis of the large number of new entrants in the 1970s. Nike’s sudden rise in the Oregon Trials in particular failed to awaken the management of Adidas for strategic adjustment. The fashion of sports shoes in the 90s is the signal of the opportunity sent by the second market. Therefore, Adidas management should be based on the original advantages, first of all, a major business strategy adjustments to adapt to changes in consumer preferences, the development of diversified product markets. Second, strengthen the construction of the workforce, conduct human resources training, and recruit specially experienced personnel to conduct market information collection and analysis. Finally, re-establishing an entrepreneurial culture that is innovative and relinquishing the arrogance of the original leaders in the sports shoe market, keeping  cheap yeezys for sale the entire organization in line with the changing environment.